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This is the plan that makes the cash flow!


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Pick Texas Citrus



Make the Cash Flow with
Guaranteed Texas Citrus
and Pecans


Thank you for your interest in my fund raising plan.  You are on to a real money-maker.  I not only pack and ship the finest fresh TROPICAL CITRUS available, but I also have NEW-CROP PECANS which are the best ... east or west!  With these top quality products to work with, you can have THE PROJECT that will raise all of the money you need.

Look through my sales brochure and you will see many good ideas.  Your opportunity is here right now to really have the kind of sale that will make all the profits you need and provide a natural, wholesome product to your community.  My materials are designed to help make your sale as easy as possible through good organization and quality exposure.  I will help “tailor-make” a plan for you that will hit your profit goal with ease and will be done risk free through pre-sales.  All sales materials are free of charge and I will send enough to really cover your customer area.

I hope to hear from you soon so when calling to register your sale or just to get information, use my TOLL FREE NUMBER ........ 1-800-543-0788.  This line will ring right on my desk and will allow me to give that good service that you expect.  I'm always glad to take orders and solve problems so give me a call.  Here's wishing your group a "Fruitful" fund raiser and a "Sweet Success!"


Randy Petch

PS:  I have a New Mixed Pack with Apples available this season so contact me about these "crowd-pleasers!"




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